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Team Divisions

Coed Competitive Division: Recreational play with a more competitive element for players who understand the game and are somewhat experienced. Games will be played on Wednesdays and Thursdays (Friday if needed).

Coed Recreational Division: Recreational play where work or group related teams can play together just for the fun of the game – little to no experience necessary.  Games will be played on Mondays and Tuesdays (Friday if needed).

Over-30 Coed: Male players must be 30 or turn 30 during the season of play.  Female players must be at least 18.  Spring games will be played on Monday (Friday if needed).  Summer games will be played on Sunday (Friday if needed).

Over-40 Coed: Male players must be 40 or turn 40 during the season of play.  Female players must be 25 or turn 25 during the season of play.  Games will be played on Wednesday (Friday if needed).

Individual Applicants

You may register as an individual to be placed on a team.   Send in your application or register on-line indicating that you need to be placed on a team.  Approximately 1 week before play starts you will receive an email with your team assignment, contact info, and schedule.

How to form a team

Team captains or coordinators start with downloading an Official Roster Form from www.lysa.org   Fill out the roster with all the contact information.  An email address is required; if a captain doesn’t have an email address then another team member must be designated to receive all email.  Most all communication between team captain and Amateur League is through email.  I would also request that a second email address from another team mate is listed so that if you are out of town someone else will be in charge of communicating schedule changes.  List your current roster of players; it doesn’t have to be complete.

Contact your team players and have them register on-line (preferred) or download an individual application from www.lysa.org to be sent in with payment.  NO ONE is added to your roster until payment is received.  If your roster doesn’t have 15 paid applications by the designated deadline; (Spring 3/15 or  Summer 5/15) then individual applicants may be placed on your team.  Every season we receive applications from individuals who don’t have a team.  Most of them have just moved to the area and don’t know anyone.  Please help accommodate these players, and make them feel welcome on your team.  Your contact information and game schedule will be sent to them prior to the season, and you will be sent their contact info.

Team Jerseys

Each team is expected to have the same color T-Shirts with numbers on the back. The team captain designates the color on the Team Roster Form.  If other teams have already chosen the same color, then another color will need to be selected.  Returning teams have first preference, after that it will be on a first come, first serve basis.  White may not be used as the main team color; white is used as an alternate color when there are color conflicts.


A roster and individual picture id is required for each game to give to the referees.  The game will be a forfeit without a roster.  When you receive your final roster make copies for each of the players to keep in their soccer bags, so someone will have a roster at each game.  You may make copies of your player’s driver license to give to the referees at check in before each game.


The schedules will be posted on lysa.org 1-2 weeks before the season starts.  It is the responsibility of the individual applicant to check the posted schedule for when their team plays.  The team captain should keep their players informed of schedules and schedule changes.



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