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Meet Sarah Balkcom

Meet Sarah Balkcom


Sarah contacted LYSA TOPSoccer in January 2017 to express interest in being involved with the program. Sarah was a freshman at Asbury University and a member of the Women’s Soccer Team. She is from Collierville, Tennessee and informed us that she had been volunteering/coaching in the Collierville TOPSoccer Program since she was in the 5th grade. Her sister was part of the program. We later learned after meeting Sarah that TOPSoccer is part of her family’s spring and fall activities. Her father coaches and is the administrator of the TOPSoccer program in Collierville.


Sarah began coaching with the LYSA TOPSoccer league in the spring 2017. She brought with her ideas from the Collierville TOPSoccer Program, her love for teaching and playing soccer, and her enthusiasm for TOPSoccer. From Day 1, Sarah has helped us to keep our program innovative. She knows all the players and volunteers and works well with the other coaches. Sarah helps to coach our youngest team, ages 4 to 7 and our older team, 13and older.


She has also worked with her College soccer coach to bring her teammates to TOPS as volunteers. She does all this while being a full time student and a being an all- conference honoree for her accomplishments on the soccer field.

Sarah just completed her sophomore year and was named a second-team All-Conference selection. Sarah, a defensive back, played in all 17 games for the Eagles and her coach calls her “the vocal leader of the team.”

She grew up playing soccer and being involved with TOPSoccer. Her passion for the game and for TOPS is evident in her enthusiasm and dedication to the sport and the TOPS athletes.

Sarah has repeatedly demonstrated her dedication to the TOPSoccer program through her commitment to LYSA TOPSoccer and her involvement in her home community.  Sarah loves the role of teacher, coach, cheerleader and mentor. She is patient, understanding and always eager to engage with the athletes and the volunteers. Having a family member with special needs has also deepened her understanding of the need for TOPSoccer and how important it is to make TOPS a program enjoyed by all athletes participating.  I think it is rare to see someone her age so dedicated to the program that she gets involved at this level while a full-time student athlete.