Alyssa King Named Region II TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year

Alyssa King Named 2012 Kentucky TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year and 2012 Region II Buddy of the Year

Alyssa King has been with TOPS for 3 years. When honored, she was a senior at the University of Kentucky working on her degree in Special Education. Alyssa is also the director of the UK Best Buddy Program, and a coach and volunteer for TOPS.  Alyssa graduated from UK in December and will be taking a position as a special education teacher in Lexington/Fayette County.  

We are so proud of Alyssa and greatly appreciate all she does for TOPS and the Lexington community. Alyssa received the award for Kentucky TOPSoccer volunteer on August 11 at the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association State Meeting. Alyssa is pictured here with Jessie Birdwhistell, director of LYSA TOPSoccer.  

Alyssa traveled to Indianapolis to represent Kentucky and Region II.  Each of the four regions in the US selects one representative and the US TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year is selected from those four representatives.  Alyssa was not selected as the National Winner but greatly enjoyed the opportunity to represent LYSA and our program.

This is the second year in a row that a volunteer from our program has won the Kentucky award and gone on to be the Region II states representative.  

Congratulations Alyssa!


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