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LYSA TOPSoccer will not be holding its six week spring 2021 season!

We were extremely disappointed that we had to cancel both our spring and fall 2020 LYSA TOPSoccer seasons due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the last year we have continued to closely follow all of the information about Covid-19 related to cases, positivity rates, vaccines, and trends. We have also continued to regularly review national, state and local guidelines for youth sports. We recognize that at this time many youth sports teams are planning to resume activities this spring.

However, LYSA TOPSoccer is a unique organization that relies heavily on a large group of volunteers in order to support the full participation of our athletes.  Additionally, we recognize that some of our athletes are considered at a higher risk and at this time most of our athletes and volunteers are not eligible for the vaccines available should they choose to get one. In consideration of the current guidance and safety precaution expectations for youth sports as well as factors listed above, LYSA TOPSoccer will not be holding the regularly scheduled six week 2021 spring indoor season.

The safety of our players, coaches, families, and volunteers is our number one priority. We will continue to monitor the situation and will maintain communication with our TOPSoccer community and families.

We hope you and your family are safe and we appreciate your understanding and support.



If you would like additional information about the guidelines for youth sports, please visit:

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